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Houses & Siding

Power Pro has perfected the technique of rejuvenating and cleaning the exterior of a house regardless of the type of siding.  Power Pro will remove all dirt, grime, mold and mildew not only for aesthetic beauty, but also for your health.  According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Mold can cause fungal allergy and respiratory infections or worsen certain illnesses such as asthma.”  Not only will Power Pro make your home look like new, but a mildew inhibitor will also be applied to keep your house looking like new, for a longer period of time. 


Deck maintenance can be complex and specific to the composition of the deck.  With over 10 years of experience, Power Pro has dealt with all types of wood and composite decks and knows which type of treatment is right for your deck.  Power Pro’s trained and experienced staff uses techniques that have been specifically designed for different types of wood and composite decks.  Power Pro will rid your deck of all mildew, dirt and mold returning it to a beautiful and healthy state.  In order to give your deck maximum protection and a longer lifespan, Power Pro suggests that a stain/seal be applied.  Please view the Staining & Sealing section for more details.


Power Pro has all of the skills necessary to make your walkway look brand new.  Power Pro will remove all of the mildew, gum, dirt and mold on your walkway leaving it pristine.


Power Pro will prepare your driveway by removing all dirt, mildew and debris.  After the initial cleaning, the driveway will be sealed with commercial grade sealer and all cracks will be properly filled.


Regardless of the type of fencing (PVC, wooden, aluminum, etc.), Power Pro will restore your fencing by eliminating the damage done by outdoor elements which result in mold, mildew and dirt.

Awnings & Gutters

In over 10 years of business Power Pro has encountered some of the dirtiest gutters and awnings in Northern New Jersey, but has never failed to remove the mildew, dirt and mold.  Power Pro uses specially developed cleaning products that are specifically intended for gutters and awnings.  All gutters are hand brushed to ensure the highest quality of cleaning available.

Hot Steam Cleaning

When cleaning agents and regular pressure washing fail to remove some of the toughest stains, graffiti, gum on sidewalks, and grease, Power Pro has the solution: Hot Steam Cleaning.  Power Pro’s extensively trained staff can hot steam clean some of the toughest stains without damaging your properties surrounding area.

Paver Stone Restoration

Power Pro offers a full paver stone restoration process.  Starting with a low pressure cleaning, in order to avoid destroying the stones, all paver stones will be power washed removing all dirt, mildew, and debris.  If necessary, unsettled pavers will be reset and sanded.  Finally, after properly insuring that the paver stones are evenly reset and sanded, a professional grade sealer will be applied.


Patios are the most important accent and yet overlooked aspect of maintaining a beautiful home.  Power Pro will remove all the mildew, dirt and mold leaving your patio looking like new.


Improper cleaning of a shingled roof can cause unnecessary damage and leaks to your home, but with over 10 years of experience this is not a point of concern for our customers.  It is guaranteed that Power Pro will properly rid your roof of all moss, algae and lichen leaving it looking like new.

Staining & Sealing

Staining/sealing your deck is not only essential for its beautification but also for protecting the deck from extremely harmful outdoor elements. Staining/sealing your deck will save you money by maximizing its lifespan before having to construct a new deck.  Power Pro uses only the highest grade of stain/sealer that is guaranteed to not only add value and aesthetic beauty to your home, but to also protect your deck from harmful UV rays, mold, mildew and other outdoor elements. Let Power Pro’s specially trained staff care for your deck by giving it the highest quality of service and product that cannot be matched by any other company!.

Buildings & Warehouses

Power Pro specializes in cleaning commercial buildings in a time efficient manner while not sacrificing superior quality service.  Power Pro understands the importance of avoiding interference with business hours, so Power Pro will clean your commercial building(s) after business hours for your convenience.  Power Pro’s over 10 years of experience with commercial buildings allows us to deliver unbeatable service to our commercial accounts.

Fleet Washing

Power Pro hand washes any fleet of vehicles using specially formulated soaps that clean your vehicles while not fading the color.  Our mobile fleet washing division has over 10 years of experience and has washed all types of vehicles.  Save time and money by calling Power Pro today to handle all of your fleet washing needs.

Commercial Kitchens

With specially developed degreasers and various other kitchen-safe cleaning agents, Power Pro will leave any commercial kitchen disinfected, clean, and ready-to-use quicker than other cleaning services available.  Power Pro understands the necessity of having a commercial kitchen open during business hours, so Power Pro will clean your kitchen after business hours in a time efficient manner. Power Pro’s over 10 years of experience with commercial kitchens allows us to deliver unbeatable service to our commercial accounts.

Graffiti & Mildew Removal

Unfortunately, it is common that graffiti mars the side of many surfaces leaving an extremely unprofessional and unkempt look for any business or resident.  Fortunately, Power Pro can rid any surface of graffiti with specially developed cleaning agents, restoring your surface to a clean and beautiful appearance.

Power Pro will remove mildew from any surface, it is guaranteed!

Deck Repair

Power Pro has deck technicians that can assess and fix any construction problems that you might have with your deck.  Our professional capabilities extend from replacing old boards to creating an entire new deck! 

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